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Nacra Sailing Confirmed as Gold Sponsor for the North Americans

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Nacra MK III F18 FCS can be converted to foiling mode within minutes Nacra MK III F18 FCS can be converted to foiling mode within minutes Nacra Sailing

The 2019 F18 North American Open Championship welcomes Nacra Sailing and Performance Sails as a Gold level sponsor!

Nacra Sailing has been a long time supporter of the F18 Class including sponsorship of multiple North American, European and World Championships.

For the 2019 F18 North American Open Championship we will be auctioning a new Performance Sails F18 Mainsail that can be custom cut for any F18. More details to follow soon!

Nacra Sailing also offers a 10% discount on all sails ordered in August 2019!

Thank you, Nacra Sailing!

About Nacra Sailing:

Since 1975 NACRA has always been about empowering sailors. Getting the best out of yourself and your team with Nacra supplying the equipment. Reaching new heights and pushing your boundaries. That’s Nacra Sailing!

Nacra was originally founded in 1975 and draws its knowledge therefore from a long history of building and supplying catamarans to the world of sailing. Nacra and PERFORMANCE SAILS are now based in the Netherlands.

Over 12 years the Nacra Infusion has won the most titles of any F18. Last year the new Nacra F18 Infusion MkIII was released with super stiff epoxy construction, improved daggerboard location with adjustable rake control, decksweeper mainsail, new jib cut to match the decksweeper mainsail, and smart daggerboard cases allowing the boat to be quickly converted into fully foiling mode

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